Clarity – Variscope microscopes provide excellent clarity for all of your research applications.  Our lenses are ground from high quality refractive glass to ensure a precise image with minimal aberration.  Our microscopes are used in research labs, clinics, doctor’s offices, jewelers’ offices, homes and schools.  They provide outstanding images for dissections, complete blood counts, fecal exams, gem and stamp inspection, and metallurgical purposes.  Whatever your application, our microscopes provide the clarity that you require.

Quality – All Variscope instruments are crafted to the highest quality standards.  We have devoted our resources to developing outstanding microscopes for your microscopy needs.  Hours of research have culminated in our excellent line of products. 

Features – Variscope microscopes come with a variety of features to fit your needs.  We offer basic, very affordable microscopes with just enough features to get the job done.  We also offer great features to facilitate your research.  We offer boom mounts, mechanical stages, polarizing and metallurgical microscopes, and dual halogen lights.

Trusted – Variscope brand microscopes are dependable, and we stand behind our products.  All of our microscopes come with a 5 year Limited Warranty.  You can feel confident knowing that your microscope is protected and that you are purchasing a quality instrument.

At Variscope, we stand behind our products.  As such, all of the microscopes that we sell are guaranteed for 5 years.  Your microscope will be free from manufacturer defects for 5 years from your date of purchase.

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