Variscope Compound Microscopes - 862 Series

The Variscope 862 Series are a great line of microscopes for research purposes.  The sturdy base houses the easy-to-access light bulb and fuse for easy changing. Four rubber-molded foot pads ensure the microscope is stable and won’t budge while working with delicate specimens.  On the side, you will find the light switch and dimmer for adjusting your light intensity.  An arched neck allows for greater movement and access to your specimen than other compound microscopes.  Below the stage you will find an Abbe Condenser and spiral type iris diaphragm for further control of your light.  The swing-out filter holder makes changing color filters easy.  Four high quality objective lenses sit above the stage to provide four different magnifications in conjunction with the eyepieces. 

The 100X objective lens is an oil immersion lens which provides superior clarity when viewing specimens at high magnifications. 

The stage itself is available in two different styles on the Variscope 862 Series Compound Microscopes.  The Premium Graduated Mechanical Slide Holder is a basic, yet highly effective design which holds the slide in place and allows you to move the slide along the X-Y axis with control knobs found on the side of the stage.  The Advanced Mechanical Stage is the easiest to use design, and holds the slide on the stage.  The entire stage can be moved on the X-Y-Z axis with the control knobs found on the side of the microscope.

On the side of all Variscope 862 Series microscopes, you will find coarse and fine focus knobs.  These dials provide outstanding control in focusing in on your object with speed, efficiency and amazing clarity.  The focus knobs make your research a snap!  The 30 degree inclined head of the microscope is angled for comfort when using.  The head will rotate 360 degrees for further ease, allowing you to view specimens from any side of the microscope.  The advanced Seidentopf 2D Adjustable Head allows you to move the eyepieces to fit your eyes.  No more obscure views because of fixed eyepieces.  Molded rubber eyecups round out experience of using a Variscope 862 Series Compound Microscope by providing greater comfort and relaxing strain on your eyes.

Variscope Compound Microscopes – 865 Professional Series

Vaiscope Compound Microscopes are also available in the Professional Series.  The Variscope Professional Series Microscopes are specialized compound microscopes with advanced features.  We have the Professional Biological Compound Microscope with Kohler Lighting, the Metallurgical Microscope with Epi-illumination for examining microstructures of metals, and The Professional Polarizing microscope.

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