Variscope Stereo Microscopes – 821 Series

The Variscope 821 Series Stereo Microscopes are great microscopes for hobbyists and researchers alike.  The 812 Series are versatile models which provide great viewing experiences for stamp, gem and coin inspection as well as dissections.  These great microscopes offer fixed magnifications as low as 10X and as high as 60X.  This offers a great range for most applications.  The 821 Series provides great views as all Variscope Stereo Microscopes do, but they also include an adjustable head that allows additional room for larger specimens. The 821 Series is also available with a boom mount.

The head of the 821 Series Microscopes is attached to a pillar mount attached to the base of the microscope.  This allows you to have additional room between the specimen plate and the objective lens.  This does not increase the working distance, but it is helpful in instances when your specimen is quite tall and requires additional room in order to fit underneath the objective lens. 

Variscope Stereo Microscope - 833 Series

The Variscope 833 Series Stereo Microscopes are simple, easy-to-use microscopes for hobbyists and researchers.  The basic design makes them easy to learn for beginners, but the great features make them great for seasoned researchers.  At their most basic, the 833 Series are simply a base, with high quality lenses of ground glass in the objectives and eyepieces with a focusing knob.  Upgraded models are available with upper and lower halogen lighting to illuminate your specimen.  The Variscope 833 Series also is available in a high working distance model, which provides additional room between the objective lens and the specimen.  This facilitates working on the specimen while looking through the stereo microscope as in the case of dissections and jewelry inspection. 

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