Variscope Stereo Zoom Microscopes

The Variscope 824 Series Stereo Zoom Microscopes are full-featured, advanced microscopes for research and collectible inspection.  This series of microscope offers a full range of magnifications from 7X to 45X and all magnifications in between with the 10X eyepieces.  The minimum can be halved to 3.5X with a .5X objective and the maximum can be increased to 90X with 20X eyepieces.  The rear pillar mount makes height adjustment easy and focusing on specimens is a breeze.

The Variscope 858 Series Stereo Zoom Microscope offers uncommon magnification ranges that you won’t find on most microscopes.  Magnifying from 8X to 40X with the 10X eyepieces, the minimum can be halved to 4X with a .5X objective and the maximum can be double to 80X with 20X eyepieces.  Due to the negligible loss of magnification range, you will find the 858 Series to be more affordable, making these a great economy stereo zoom microscope.

Both the 824 Series and the 858 Series are available in binocular and trinocular versions.  In addition, both Series are available with a standard base or a boom mount.

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